EcobreezeSmart – Pure

New EcobreezeSmart and EcobreezePure

EcobreezeSmart allows for organisational and operational insights

Occupancy sensor allows cleaning contractors to demonstrate proactive cleaning – reassures occupants that the highest level of cleaning standards are met during occupancy.   

Building managers often underestimate the usage of most areas within a building. EcobreezeSmart recently demonstrated in real-time a considerable undervalue of usage.  Furthermore the real-time data revealed that cleaning rotas were not efficient.

People feel reassured and well-looked-after when a cleaner is in attendance during busy times.

Cost reductions

EcobreezeSmart allows data to be gathered regarding how and when every space in a building is used thereby facilitating evidence- based decisions regarding space usage.

The monitoring of occupancy also extends to better asset and facilities management. By knowing which areas have seen increased usage we can better schedule cleaning and maintenance activities.

Improved well-being

EcobreezeSmart  can  improve the well-being of the occupants by monitoring and adjusting the indoor environment in real-time continuously monitoring the temperature and humidity of the space.

All this can be further enhanced by providing the occupants with suggestions on how to improve their health and well-being by monitoring their habits, such as how many hours they are active and how long they’ve been sitting at their desk.

Enhanced organisational profile

The workplace has become a major differentiator in the attraction, development and retention of talent2. IoT can assist in alleviating daily frustrations from the cleaners and cleaning managers work environment and even improve the experience of customers and visitors.  This reduces anxiety associated to hygiene in the workplace.

Enhancement of compliance

Reducing the risk of sick building syndrome.

Unobtrusive monitoring.

Environmental and human health compliance.

EcobreezeSmart –  enhances indoor spaces with a subtle fragrance. Suitable for; washrooms, basements, gyms (hardwired or plugged option).   

EcobreezePure –  in areas with little or no ventilation includes smart functions) desks, bedside tables, hospital wards, corridors, reception desks, security offices (plugged and stand mounted plugged option).