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“ASDA is very impressed with the performance of the Ecobreeze units.

The outcomes of the trials have been exceptional and on this basis, we have decided to roll it out across all our stores.”

– Sue Smithies (Head of operations, ASDA England and Wales)

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“5 star rating.

Washroom Wizard has provided Thorpe Park Resort with an excellent air care product for a number of years now.

There are lots of different fragrances available to support with different smells we require for various toilets. They also have a range of front covers for the units to support with our theming.

Turnaround time is very quick and they are a very reliable service. On top of this they are very friendly and professional every time we deal with them leaving us no choice but to go back for more.

Excellently run business.”

– Matt Adams (Site Presentations Manager, Thorpe Park Resort)

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“We love the Ecobreeze system.

Our toilets are situated in the basement and ventilation there is not the best. Ecobreeze is so far the best solution to keep our challenging toilets smelling fresh.

The choice of scents is extensive and will impress even the fussiest person.

The whole system is easy to care for. I can truly recommend the product.”

– Ewa Slatter (Executive Head Housekeeper, The Grosvenor Hotel London)

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“Since City FM introduced ASDA to Ecobreeze over 3 years ago, we have benefited from fabulous smelling toilets for our customers.

Not only this, but because they also help remove VOCs we do not receive any complaints from our allergen sensitive customers who do not like an overpowering fragrance that masks our odours.

I have witnessed myself customers saying how great our toilets smell in relation to other competitors and it makes me proud to be working with Ecobreeze.”

– Tracey Rogers (National Cleaning Operations Manager, City Facilities Management UK)

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“We are a busy walk-in centre and see a through flow of over 4,500 patients a month.

Ecobreeze has been proven to be very successful in providing a pleasant aroma and gets rid of all the undesirable smells we contend with on a daily basis.

We have also had a lot of compliments and enquiries from patients regarding the product and so will be purchasing not only for our waiting room but consulting rooms too.”

– Sandra Bodle (Project Manager, Fleet Healthcare Limited)

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“We have installed Ecobreeze in our toilets and have been very impressed with it. 

It has completely eliminated our use of aerosols which means we, as a company, are able to reduce our usage of hazardous materials whilst, at the same time, still enjoying the lovely fragrance the unit delivers.”

– Tracey Still (Office Manager of Doosan Babcock, Dartford)

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“We have been using Ecobreeze for several years and it remains a great product as it purifies the air prior to scenting, therefore keeping our washroom and changing facilities always smelling clean and fresh.

The installation process was hassle free and without any complications. Having no batteries to replace is a major bonus to us and replacing the filters and fragrance bottles couldn’t be easier.

We are extremely satisfied with Ecobreeze as the feedback from staff and visitors has been very positive.”

– Steve Kirk (Health, Safety and Environmental Facilities Manager of Bunzl, Manchester)

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“Kathleen was knowledgeable, helpful and has a very good knack of recognising the best matching fragrances for the building. 

Highly recommended, many thanks!”

– Elizabeth Hayes (Head of Estates and Facilities, BIMM London)

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“City Cruises are really loving Ecobreeze and have had lots of very positive feedback on how nice the toilets smell.

In fact, it’s the first time they have received compliments on the toilets and have asked for more units for their vessels, as they are extremely pleased with the results.”

– Lindsey Halberg (Thames Ship Repair Service)

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“The product is absolutely fabulous! I have received great feedback from the Ecobreeze units in the mens toilets.

I have sent all the information onto our suppliers and will proceed to purchase more units once we are set up.”

– Diana Roberts (Housekeeping Manager, Volkswagen Group UK Ltd.)