About Us

Our History

Being involved in the washroom service industry for over 20 years we have listened to our client’s concerns across continents, they were tired of being offered air care solutions such as air fresheners that simply masked bad smells. It was obvious that spraying a burst of fragrance over a malodorous area was not going to eliminate the unwanted odorous, stale air. This is where the Ecobreeze concept was born.

The team at Ecobreeze knew that masking the smell in an often-enclosed area could no longer suffice and a solution was needed. Ecobreeze recognised that getting rid of the odorous, stale air and replacing it with fresh air was their priority. Once this was achieved they could then develop an added luxury by enhancing the air with a soft fragrance vapour thus creating pleasant and lasting memories.

The Ecobreeze system has undergone nine years of rigorous testing both in lab conditions and in various challenging locations. Ecobreeze was granted a British patent in 2011 and has since secured patents in various other countries. Ecobreeze is proud to be a British innovation which has won multiple awards and accolades.